my name is karl


Karl appeared in summer of 2006 at a police office at the Mannheim central train station in southern Germany. He could not remember anything from his life. Later he recalled that his name was Karl. The German police contacted Interpol but there was no matching missing report, Nobody seemed to be missing him.

15month later the German police finally managed to identify Karl. But Karl found his own memories about his past…

Direction and Camera:            Moritz Siebert

Editing:                                    Charlotte Munch Bengtsen

Sounddesing and Mix:             Susannah Lawrence

UK 2008                 National Film and Television School

29:39 min                      16:9                       Dolby Stereo

Festival selection:

Britdocs 2008, UK

CPH:DOX 2008, Denmark

Kassel DokFest 2008, Germany nominated for

“Goldener Schluessel” newcomer award